League of Women Voters of Weston Bulletin:
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Election 2015 over now.  
Weston voters set a town record for local election turnout, with est. 47% voting.  Nov. 3rd brought change in leadership to both Selectmen and Education Boards.  No change on Finance Board, where the incumbent was re-elected.

Referendum #2:  YES - 688, NO - 313.

AWE?  Don't forget to re-vote on Saturday, May 16, 2015 on Question #2, the school budget!  Referendum #2 passed! 

There is a first for everything
...after ATBM with 92 (an increase for the first time in years) the Charter Revision quorum of 130 is called early and meeting immediately adjourned to Referendum...which produced the results in MP3 audio as folllows:


At the 15th Betty Hill Forum

With the amazing assistance of LWVCT Administrator, our "Convener" put together bylaws that are flexible and basically codify what we have been doing since @2007 and enjoying!!! Annual Meeting approved them!

And the community has responded to our extra focus on being an agile League, ready for a "Forum on Demand" at any time!  We are grateful to everyone who has helped us in this time of change - and one thing we learned is it never gets stale if an organization can respond to immediate requests...immediately!

HURRICANE SANDY - HALLOWEEN 2012:  Out of power, again.
"Town Affairs Update" becomes a mini-"Forum on Demand"

Intended as a prelude to the new budget process since Charter Revision passed, Weston LWV adapted!


135th District Debate Oct. 13, 2012 brought out a crowd!


#2 of two natural disasters prompted a "Forum on Demand" - Fall Conference in December.


                      Legislative Wrap Up 2011 - return to standard League end-of-Session reporting - watch it online here


                    Former  Gov. Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey, also former EPA Administrator, featured speaker.
                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LWVCT - LOOKIN' GOOD!!! 
A great celebration of the 90th birthday of the Connecticut League of Women Voters was held in Greenwich, at the Hyatt, with speakers former Governor Christine Todd      Whitman (New Jersey), via SKYPE and James Torgerson of the CT Institute for the 21st Century, as well as Congressman Jim Himes and a crowded ballroom full of Connecticut Leaguers and supporters of League.  Still photos can be found here on LWVCTTopics:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LWVCTTopics/


                'While you were away' - Weston town leaders set the tone
Weston FORUM
Written by Kimberly Donnelly
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 11:59

In answering the question posed by the League of Women Voters of Weston at last weekend’s forum, “What happened in Weston over the summer?” town officials and audience members realized the answer was, “a lot.” They also managed to set a tone for moving forward.

Four of Weston’s top elected officials gave brief five-minute presentations explaining what their respective boards or commissions focused on during the “slow” summer months when many people are out of town, and where officials hope to go from here.

First selectman

First Selectman Gayle Weinstein gave an overview of “buildings, budgets, beyond Weston, and bye-byes.”

She explained the town saw several construction and infrastructure projects get underway this summer, including the Valley Forge bridge, the library roof, paving projects, town hall upkeep, and the completion of the Booster barn at Weston High School.

A joint meeting of the boards of selectmen, finance, and education was held to “wrap up” the 2010-11 budget process. The capital committee met to begin discussing the town’s needs and how to pay for capital projects without increasing the town’s debt service.

[Please read the rest of this article in the archives at the Weston FORUM website]



                      WHAT HAPPENED WHILE YOU WERE AWAY program drew more than 30 people to the Town Hall Meeting Room on a busy Saturday morning
                        in Weston.

  • More than a third of the audience had actualy been away for a good part of the summer, and so were happy to hear this comprehensive report (Board of Finance Chair. asked for a show of hands).
  • First Selectperson Weinstein did not want to go over the controversies so much as let everyone know where things stand in a more comprehensive way, and she did. 
  • Board of Finance Chair. O'Brien reported some very importand information about where the Town and State are headed; Chair. of the Board of Education Schaefer stood his ground and made points for how impressively Weston's school system is run as an efficent and cost conscious organiazation.
  • P&Z Chair. Grozinger reported on the steps taken since adoption of the new Town Plan July 1, 2010.
  • All speakers answered all questions addressed to them plus chimed in on others.


League of Women Voters of Weston hosts symposium on Saturday

Weston FORUM (page 3)
Written by Kimberly Donnelly
Thursday, 23 September 2010 00:00

Many Westonites go away for extended summer vacations. But the town government still keeps busy during those “quiet” months.

With that in mind, the League of Women Voters of Weston is hosting a symposium, “What Happened While You Were Away,” this Saturday, Sept. 25, from 10:30 to noon, in the Weston Town Hall Meeting Room.

By hosting this event, the league hopes to facilitate communication between residents and their elected leaders and to bring everyone “up to date” on what happened in Weston over the summer.

Symposium co-coordinator Paula Savignol said the league has hosted similar “While You Were Away” forums, but had not done one for several years. At the league’s June meeting, the members agreed it was time to resurrect the post-summer gathering.

“It turns out, this was a pretty busy summer,” Ms. Savignol said. “So many people do leave town, and we wanted to do something as soon as possible after people get back” and before the election season gets into full swing, she said. “This is just information about Weston and what happened here, separate from all of the election information that will be coming up soon.”

[Please read the rest of this article in the archives at the Weston FORUM website]


                      The League of Women Voters of Weston
Invites you to their Fall Program


Featuring Guest Panelists:

First Selectman, Gayle M. Weinstein,

Board of Finance Chairman, Michael J. O’Brien

Board of Education Chairman, Philip L. Schaefer

Planning& Zoning Commission Chairman, Stephan B. Grozinger

You, the citizens of Weston,  will have the opportunity to join in the discussion and have your questions addressed  Saturday, September 25, 2010, 10:30 am to 12 noon,Town Hall Meeting Room


                    LWVCT COUNCIL 2010 REPORT (May 22 in Hamden) - 50-year members honored including one of our own - Pat Heifetz!
Interesting news of Local League Support:  "Listening" Teleconferences

The LWVCT will host a series of focused conference calls more or less tied to the LWV calendar. To start this venture off, we’ll host a “listening session” call in order to identify topics of interest to LLs. Our new year begins 7/1 and it’s a big election year, so the following calls are already scheduled:
•    6/24, noon: League Leaders Conference Call Kick-off
•    6/30, noon: League Leaders Conference Call: Treasurers – Tips for Managing Your League’s Finances
•    7/1, noon: League Leaders Conference Call: Voters Service – Tips for Successful Voter Service Activities: Part I
•    9/TBD

At its June Board meeting, the LWVCT will set dates for calls on other topics, e.g., membership, PR, advocacy, etc.

Referendum April 15 results favor Town and Board of Education

Referendum signatures
obtained for "yes" or "no" machine vote on the budget for both Town and Schools.  ATBM to vote only on Capital Budget items and Debt Service;  THURSDAY APRIL 15, 2010 IS DATE FOR 6am to 8pm "machine" voting with absentee ballots going out really soon...

ALMOST 7 MILLION DOLLAR S OF PROJECTS...5 minutes long, plus reading the
penalties for fraudulent voting.

Board of Finance Public Hearing on the FY'11 Budget longer than usual;  Board of Finance cuts $127,300 from School Budget, $30,000 from Town side.  



                         Scene of Sunday October 25, 2009 at 2pm "Double-header Debate"
  Before the League and the general public (written questions) gets to question First Selectman  candidates, Channel 12 will FOCUS on them the weekend of Oct. 10-11

                          Democracy Cup 2008:  Weston wins turnout prize in its division...how will we do in a local election?  IT IS ALL UP TO THE VOTERS OF WESTON! 
  2009 TURNOUT NOT BAD - 43.6%...we may loose the cup...or not?




                         Read more here about this year's Betty Hill Forum!

                            "Redistribution of the Wealth" on the cover of LWVUS magazine Feb. 2009 issue:  an eye-opener for those born @1960!  Graphic from this article.


                        TOWN PLAN update going forward with League Observer on deck at former KINDERLAND!!!  Read about it all here.
                         This is what the "action agenda" is all about!  League has its positions on land use, water, etc. and is preparing to evaluate how the new Plan will make                          positions come to life!!!

SPECIAL TOWN MEETING VOTES "YES" in record time - no public comment other than
Fire Department support.

The "warning" is here - describing the Lyons Plains Fire Station proposal.


C O N N E C T I C U T    B A L L O T    Q U E S T I O N    N O V . 4 t h
Advocacy Against Constitutional Convention question on the ballot Nov. 4 -
read flyer here.
FROM THE LWVCT OFFICE:  WARNING.  The LWVCT's tri-fold flyer with our position against the calling of a Constitutional Convention can be found by clicking on the link above.  Please feel free to reprint and distribute it as you see fit.  The LWVCT Board feels that if you are permitting candidates to set up tables outside of your debates, you can set up a League table there too, and hand out voter ed, advocacy, and membership materials at that table.  What you cannot do is have the MC or moderator state the League's position on anything once the debate has started.

Presidential Debates Commission in 2007 selected these dates and times for 3 Presidential and 1 Vice Presidential Debates:
  • September 26 Presidential Debate (University of Mississippi); tonight's the night!
  • October 2 Vice Presidential Debate (Washington University, St. Louis);
  • October 7 Presidential Debate (Belmont University in Nashville;)
  • October 15 Presidential Debate (Hofstra in Long Island).



Betty Hill International Forum in Weston
U.S. needs to build leadership in environmental affairs
by Patricia Gay
May 22, 2008

The title of her speech was supposed to be “Restoring American Leadership in International Environmental Affairs,” but Julie Belaga said that was a speech she could not give.

“The issue should be about building and not restoring leadership. We have no leadership on international environmental issues,” she said.

That was how Ms. Belaga began a lively and well-received speech and discussion with members of the League of Women Voters of Weston and guests who attended the annual Betty Hill International Forum on Friday, May 16, at the Cobb’s Mill Inn.

Following the league’s annual business meeting and luncheon, Ms. Belaga was introduced by Helen de Keijzer, a member of the league who invited Ms. Belaga to the forum.

Conservation voters

Ms. Belaga is the co-chairman of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, an organization that supports environmentally-friendly elected officials in Connecticut. She has served with the Environmental Protection Agency and is on the board of National Audubon CT and the Connecticut Fund for the Environment.

[Please read the rest of this article in the archives at the Weston FORUM website]


             Photo of Betty Hill from U.N. Day in Weston in the 1980's;  photo of Cobb's Mill by Joan Lewis

                      Second notice - in the FORUM:              

Belaga headlines Weston league forum
Weston FORUM online edition
May 5, 2008

Can the United States be in the forefront of the global effort to combat environmental challenges? And what would it take to get us there?

These timely questions will be addressed by Julie Belaga, co-chairman of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters and former COO of the Export-Import Bank, at the Betty Hill Forum on International Affairs to be held Friday, May 16, at the Cobbs Mill Inn in Weston. The title of her talk is “Restoring American Leadership in Global Environmental Affairs.”

The annual public forum, founded in 1999, is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Weston. The event was created to honor Betty Hill, a longtime league member with a strong interest in both the environment and world affairs, who believed that “women have a powerful voice, not only when it comes to Weston and the state, but also on global issues.”

“Asking how Americans can lead the way toward finding new solutions to the world’s challenging environmental issues couldn’t be a more important topic,” said Helen de Keijzer of the Weston league. “And given her experience in government as well as with environmental organizations, Julie Belaga brings to the topic a wealth of practical experience and a unique perspective. We are honored to have her as this year’s luncheon speaker.”

[Please read the rest of this article in the archives at the Weston FORUM website]


 A must for Leaguers concerned about Global issues - with an environmental twist!  Mark your calendar - Annual Meeting at 10am, lunch at 12 noon - Betty Hill    International Forum follows!!! 

This  year our guest is Hon. Julie Belaga, and her topic is:
"Restoring American Leadership in Global Environmental Affairs."

From Wikipedia...

Julie D. Belaga is a former Connecticut politician. She served in the Connecticut House of Representatives from 1977 until 1987. She chose not to seek re-election to her seat in 1986 in order to seek the 1986 Republican nomination for governor.

After becoming the Republican nominee, she lost the November election to the popular Democratic Governor William A. O'Neill.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Belaga moved to Connecticut with her family in 1965 and immediately became involved in local politics. Prior to being elected to the State House of Representatives, she served as Chairman of the Westport Planning and Zoning Commission from 1972 to 1976.

While serving in the legislature, Belaga had major legislative successes on a number of critical environmental issues. She took the lead in drafting and implementing Connecticut's coastal management laws that protect coastline and valuable resources. She served on Connecticut's water supply task force and led the fight to assure safe drinking water in Connecticut. She played an active role in the development of Connecticut's hazardous waste management service and was instrumental in realigning and reforming the state's Resource Recovery Authority.

Belaga received an education degree from Syracuse University.

In 1990 Belaga was appointed by President George H. W. Bush as Region 1 (New England) Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She was later appointed by President Bill Clinton to the Export-Import Bank.


The following was written by Betty Hill before the First Betty Hill International Forum (2000), in the event she was unable to attend...she did attend, and gave a speech similar to this message:

"From the earliest days of the League programs, there was always a concern for international problems.  We had study programs and speeches on issues like world trade, China and the United Nations.

Through the years, programs for study began to change, and I became concerned that the League was loosing its global outlook.  I rejoice that Weston is coming up with an answer by offering programs like this one today.  After all, women have a powerful voice, not only in Weston and Connecticut affairs, but also on global issues.  Congratulations to our League for taking this step.  I thank you greatly for honoring me by naming these lectures for me.  I am only one small voice.  Thank you again..."

Betty Hill passed away on August 27, 2001 at age 102.


                    According to what League heard at the most recent Board of Selectmen's meeting, there is to be a Special Town Meeting in June to "spend down" the "excess"                             surplus in the General Fund.  Will the meeting take place before school is out? 

 ON TO ATBM: April 21st at 8pm in Weston High School
APRIL FOOL'S INDEED!!!  Board of Finance "deliberation" meeting after the MORE THAN 40  MINUTE Public Hearing on the Fiscal '09 town budget gets a reported 4-3 vote against a cut to the Education budget FY'09

                          Concurrence reached - Weston hosted Regional League meeting on March 26th; LWVCT announced successfull achievement in an e-mail Board Report!                           

   SPEAK UP 2008 a big success - did you miss it? 

                                   Streaming on the web here: http://www.lwvweston.org/SpeakUpLinkPage.html#2008               

Weston Middle School Gym, 6am to 8pm, Tuesday, February 5th
                         Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting Friday, January 25, 2008 at 4pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room continued to Monday, January 28 at 7:30pm (same spot)                              brought out Channel 12 and THEY ACTUALLY STAYED FOR THE WHOLE 1 HR AND 20 MINUTES on Friday;  continued Monday; to be on Town TV. 

                        C.G.A. SPECIAL SESSION January 22 and 23 approves changes to Criminal Justice procedures - click here to read summary of Senate Bill

                        Paraguayan judge and her son, a legal student, in the audience to witness democracy...and they got quite a show (they had to sit in the non-voting section)!

     Special Town Meeting Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 7pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room - read the "notice" and the "resolution" here.

                        Very entertaining meeting - the power of the people run wild (for Weston).  The "call" set the tone--all in one vote proposed, so the people said "NO" we want separate                         
   votes.  Once the questions were separated it got into parsing  the three (3) questions.  As it turns out, some in the audience had a point to be made--that everything that
school wish list of @$138 million should be with this $$.  No one at the Town Meeting bought this old argument.  Instead, we had a strange bedfellows department,
with the BUILDING COMMITTEE being praised and held up as the entity that should decide how to spend the money that MAY ultimately be left after all claims are
settled.  A separate account will be set up by the Selectmen for the funds (if any $$ left).

                         Maybe 2 dozen (or fewer) voters participated.  One questionable voice vote that no one stood to dispute (probably because they didn't know to do it but also                                         maybe because they might not have gotten seven more to agree)!  A standing count would have been very entertaining here...

Public Hearing January 10 on both Veterans' Exemption and Tax Relief for the Elderly, 7pm, Town Hall Meeting Room - letters to the Board of Selectmen welcome and will be included in the record of this Public Hearing if received before the hearing is closed.  Read the version to be presented at the Public Hearing here - local option Veterans' Tax Relief and amendments to the Tax Relief for the Elderly ordinance.

2000 Presidential Election, Florida vote count: chads and voter "intent" made news.

Cautionary editorial from the TIMES reminding people of the importance of secure voting - see what good things this editorial has to say about CT machine!!!
News of Lachat!

Oath of Office Ceremony
Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 7pm, Town Hall Meeting Room

All over election night but for the last word...who won in the contested races?
What were the vote totals for all 27 candidates on the 2007 ballot, plus one write-in?


Woody Bliss, First Selectman (1444)

Glenn Major (1222)

Gayle Weinstein (1212)


Mike O'Brien (1652), Patty Kopas (1577) and Melissa Koller (1564)


At times democracy appeared to be a spectator sport...
The new "privacy booths" and machines that ate your ballot whole, no matter which way you inserted it - didn't seem that much faster and certainly lacked the drama of the old system (counting machine by machine, over and over...).

November 6, 6am to 8pm, W.M.S. Gym
What is the story this year?  Turnout the key?  Bullet voting?  Party-line important?

LWV of Weston Candidates Debate (Boards of Finance and Selectmen) Norfield Church Parish Hall, October 27, 2007 - 10:45 to 12:45.  
S T R E A M I N G   V I D E O   H E R E

How did it go?  S.R.O.
Wow!  Easily 180 - maybe more - Westonites in attendance!  But before starting, it looked pretty empty...will the League start on time?  Typo of candidate's name in program,  omplaint that one Party set up free coffee tent near the entrance...high drama for League, as Merritt Parkway accident delays Moderator (coming from Bridgeport Area).

Jean Rabinow comes through for us, fighting traffic (crash in "No Man's Land"no way to exit until 42);  candidates did their best with the heavy questions and generally showed the voters who they are and what they stand for - Moderator REALLY impressed with Westonites!

On the bench...
League members (at right) tossed a coin to see which Board member will step in if Moderator doesn't show up in time...note how happy Lucy looks that Jean showed up! 

In the on deck circle...
Selectmen Candidate waits with supporter for second debate.

Top of the order...
Board of Finance Candidate, who went first, explains why it doesn't hurt to have a connection between education and finance functions;

Toward the end...
Crowd, by now standing room, and sitting-on-the-floor room is patient, at rapt attention!

Gloves come off in Selectmens' debate (l.)...
Town Administrator (r.) listens as major issue turns out to be how the Town of Weston doesn't maintain its own buildings--the claim by one Party, the other Party describing the "10 Year Plan" underway to put All Town  and School facilities on a maintenance and replacement schedule.

Revson Field question one (c.). 
By the time all the questions got asked and answered, all that was left was a list of complaints and a promise that plans are already in hand to deal with repairs to

Getting involved (r.)...
Weston High School students do the job beautifully as timers in these cumulative time debates! The League thanks you!!!

Want to see it again?  Watch Town TV this coming weekend! 
In closing, Voter Service Director Bowden and Moderator Rabinow  look pleased! League thanks the people of Weston for their excellent behavior, great questions;  thanks to screeners Arne and Dan;  to super food, and on-line streaming video thanks to website, the League hopes everyone will vote Tuesday, November 6th, WMS Gym, 6am - 8pm (and be informed voters).  Democracy is not a spectator sport!

D E B A T E :    S E L  E C T M E N ,   F I N A N C E    C A N D I D A T E S
Saturday, October 27, 2007 at Norfield Parish Hall beginning at 10:30am

Please bring your questions and have them written clearly on a 3x5 card - an LWV "screener" will check them for legibility, not approve use of personal attacks or pass on to the moderator questions for only one candidate to answer. 

The modified cumulative time debate format has the individual candidate's time used shown to the moderator and candidates.  Please refer to Voter Service Director Lucy Bowden's letter to the editor in Thursday, October 25th's Weston FORUM for more detail.



The League is still working out some details, but has arranged for live debates at Norfield Parish Hall on Saturday, October 27, 2007.  The program commences at 10:30am.  LWVCT Moderator secured and reviewing procedures now.

FORUM photos
Board of Finance candidates (l to r):
Melissa Koller, Mike O'Brien, Dick Nichols and Patty Kopas

First debate
The "double-header" will open with the Board of Finance contest.  4 Finance Board candidates (pictured above) are competing for 3 seats.  This debate will last 40 minutes.  At the completion of the first debate, Finance candidates will leave the stage.

Background article from Weston FORUM:
For the finance board; Four candidates run for three slots
Weston FORUM
 Oct 3, 2007

The 2007 municipal election includes three contested races — for selectman, first selectman, and
Board of Finance.

Over the course of several weeks, The Weston Forum is presenting a look at the candidates who are
 running for those seats under the “Meet the Candidates” banner. The following is the fourth in the series.

Like a game of musical chairs, there are only three seats available for four candidates vying for a spot
on the Board of Finance. Two of the candidates are Republicans, two are Democrats. Three are
incumbents. All would like to be elected.

[Please read the rest of this article in the archives at the Weston FORUM website]

Photos from candidates, and "About Town" files

Board of Selectmen candidates (l to r): Woody Bliss, Glenn Major;  Gayle Weinstein,  Steve Ezzes;  Jim Maggio.

Second debate*
After an intermission to clear the stage, move chairs and set up the extra microphone, the 5 candidates for the Board of Selectmen will take the stage after having received instruction from the LWVCT moderator
(same as the individual who conducted the Finance Board debate that preceded the Selectmen).

This debate will be somewhat longer than the first one. 

*The election of a First Selectman is between the two candidates running for the office;  the losing First Selectman candidate is put in a pool with the other candidates
for the remaining two seats on the Board of Selectmen.  This year, therefore, there will be 4 candidates for the two Selectmen seats on the Board of Selectmen.
First lawn signs in northern Weston...

Now we know who has been putting up lawn signs the past couple of elections in my neighborhood - two of the candidates running this year
(one of whom has not submitted a photo yet - thank you for doing so soon!)

Now it is official!  The tickets are finalized - see who's running for what on League's Election 2007  page;  get the latest posted registration numbers here.

Practice Weston Voting HERE
DOUBLE-SIDED BALLOT (DON'T FORGET TO TURN IT OVER!)  Can't wait until Election Day?  In Weston a few years ago, as a "trial" we used the
very same equipment that is now the official replacement for old style, traditional "voting machines."

It is just like taking an SAT exam - fill in the circles with your pencil.  Notice that some offices have more candidates running than seats available.   And there is one race (Planning and Zoning) that asks for you to "Vote for Four" but there are only three (3) names on the ballot.  A write in candidate is now official (and has been just appointed to fill a vacancy only until November 6th at October 11 Special Board of Selectmen Meeting).

This will require you to make a choice (don't fill in the oval for both candidates for First Selectman--remember "hanging chads" in Florida recount of the 2000
Presidential Election?)  In Florida the voters had to puncture the ballot with their pencil. The kind of machine we are using in Weston only requires that you to be neat and color in the oval.  You don't want your vote to be disqualified!

The losing candidate in the First Selectman race becomes a candidate for the BOARD OF SELECTMAN. This year there is a Petitioning Candidate on the ballot for Selectman, so there will be a contest among four (4) candidates (the loser of the First Selectman's race total votes, plus the three [3] listed on the ballot).

Board of Finance has four (4) candidates running for three (3) seats-- directions state: "Vote for Any Three."  This means that one will not be elected.

Board of Education is not a contested race this year.  Because of State Statute, you  are only allowed to "Vote for Any Two" - all four (4) will take their seats on the Board of Education no matter who gets more votes!

A B S E N T E E    B A L L O T    2 0 0 7
Click here to see unofficial version.

S A M P L E   B A L L O T    2 0 0 7
Click here to see unofficial version.
PARTY  CAUCUS  SCHEDULE:  this is where the tickets were approved for Election '07!

Republicans  -  July 19 (Thursday) at 8 p.m., Town Hall Meeting Room
Democrats  - July 23 (Monday) at 8 p.m., Town Hall Meeting Room;  DTC meets
at 7:30pm, prior to Caucus.


SUMMER SCHEDULE:  August 3 will be the next meeting of the LWV of Weston
 Steering Committee (Lucy Bowden, "convener" at Weston Library) LWV of Weston policies  are being set by a 12 member Steering Committee!  Two  treasurers at work (Kay Clark, LWV of Weston and Pat Heifetz, LWV of Weston's $$ in Ed Fund);  and everyone will get to  be convener  whenever necessary.  DUES ARE  DUE  for 2007-08!


Register for December 1 Fall Conference (click above)!!!

GREAT NEWS!  There actually IS a "blog" on the subject of LWVCT's "Media Study.  It is a really interesting topic that gets right into your living room!  We wanted to know what
"Wi-Fi" was all about. This is what we found out so far - click here.

If you are interested in "blogging" along with the Study, finding out why this subject is SO IMPORTANT and the 21st century version of our basic freedoms, contact the LWVCT
Offices: http://www.lwvct.org/

Hot button case of interest to LWVUS!
In time for 2008 Presidential Election...U.S. Supreme Court to take up the issue...read more here.
LWVCT CONVENTION 2007: VIDEO now available at LWVCT offices.  Includes important "NET NEUTRALITY" speaker/presentation and NED LAMONT and more! 

Congratulations new and continuing LWVCT Board members!  Weston won the "E-Award" and will be installing it in the Weston Library soon!  (See below.)

It is interesting  to note that both new studies - "Net Neutrality" and "Early Voting" - will be  Concurrence efforts. 

NOTE:  it wan't so easy for the Weston LWV to get Convention 1993 to agree to CONCURRENCE  (with New Jersey or was it Pennsylvania?) limitting the forms of gambling CT permits!   Thank you Kathy for knowing about "Concurrence" and kudos to Pat for facing down a very dubious Convention that year!  Below is the LWVCT position (short version) on gambling:

GAMBLING (1994; updated and affirmed 2003)

Oppose: legalization of additional forms of gambling,  especially the expansion of casino gambling and all legislation that enables such expansion.

Support: the 2003 repeal of the so-called Las Vegas Nights legislation; inclusion of safeguards  in any bills that are considered by the legislature.

This is a local election year.  A preliminary review of the Election 2007 upcoming here!

Please go to report of the Annual Meeting and Betty Hill Forum 2007 for the latest news of LWV of Weston activities - click here.

Please go to report of the Annual Meeting and Betty Hill Forum 2006 for report of those activities.

Link here to election-related activities of  2005.

Link here to election-related acitivies of 2003.

Link here to news of "Speak Up" programs of the past..


NOTE:  This webpage report was instituted during a previous Board's administration.  Above are links to activities of the Weston League of Women Voters more recently.

Dear Friends of the Weston League:

In preparation for the 2004 LWVUS Convention, we are being asked to concur with a study committee's recommendation for an updated position statement on the Selection of the President.
The proposed wording follows:


The League of Women Voters believes that the direct-popular-vote method for electing the President and Vice President is essential to representative government.  The League of Women Voters believes, therefore, that the Electoral College should be abolished.  The League also supports uniform voting qualifications and procedures for presidential elections.  The League supports changes in the presidential election system - from the candidate selection process to the general election - to provide voters with sufficient information about candidates and their positions, public policy issues and the selection process itself.  The League supports action to ensure that the media, political parties, candidates, and all levels of government achieve these goals and provide that information.

The Weston League is meeting to discuss this on Friday, Feb. 27 at 9:30 am. We will meet in the Commission Room of Town Hall. Please plan to come and discuss this important topic. Many of us continue to be concerned by the position calling for the elimination of the Electoral College.

In preparation for the discussion, I have placed a file of information on the topic at the front desk at the Weston Library. You can read the material there or copy it.

Some of the material comes from The National Voter magazine, the May/June 2003, Sept/Oct 2003, and Jan/Feb 2004 issues. All of the material is available online at www.lwv.org.  After you arrive at the LWVUS homepage, look to the lower right for "Members Site," clicking this will open a sign in page. Your User ID is "lwv" and your password is "carriecatt." Now you can find "Position Update" on the left of this page.  Everything you need is there, including an online form for sending in your opinion on the proposal.

Hopefully you will be able to join the discussion of Friday, but if you cannot, please email your response by Mar. 4, or print the form and mail it by Mar. 1. The National League needs to have your reply to base their decision to support this position or not.

If you have a question or need directions, please contact me or Kathy Failla at ksf@comstrat.com. I think you will find this a very interesting topic.


2004 - our 40th year as an independent League

Weston LWV Board Members congratulate recently retired LWV Historian Ann Malin on her award
and thank her for gaining a permanent home for Weston League history (on our 40th anniversary).

Many thanks to Ann Malin, our League historian, who is retiring from that post, and to her husband, Clem, also a League member, for the extensive work they have done to
organize our League's files.  Ann and Clem are preparing the files for delivery to the Weston Public Library, where Ann was successful in obtaining a permanent home for
these valuable documents. Ann has also served us in good stead as our League co-president.

We will let you know when the files are available at the library and we hope to publicize that event.  I am most grateful for the thorough and painstaking job she has done. Also,
I want to thank Ann and Clem for their personal time and expense to set up the files.  They will document the costs and present us with it as a gift for the  preservation our
valuable records.


Speaking of events -- in compiling our history, Ann presented me with a full history. It is the history of Weston in many ways.  You may be interested in knowing that:

In 1962, the League became a Provisional League. Local program focused on preparing the "Know Your Town" booklet.  Nov. 1963, Weston received its League charter.  Dec.
1963, 3,000 copies of "Know Your Town" went to press at a cost of $850. The booklet continues to be updated after local elections and is invaluable to new and long-time
residents. Terry Hulley Jackson and Pat Heifetz are working on the latest update.


To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we would like to schedule some special events and articles in the newspaper to promote the work of our League. We would love to have your
participation and ideas. Please contact me and let me know if you are interested. Even if you can't attend a meeting, your thoughts and suggestions would be most appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Also, a special thanks to board member Lois Miller for her fine job in updating and publishing the 2003-2004 "Membership Handbook." IN addition to a membership directory,
it contains valuable background information on the League.  Please let us know of any corrections to be made to contact information. The directory is in the mail.

Note that my e-mail address is: ksf@comstrat.com
Linda Gier's phone number is: 227-4494


Thank you to all continuing members, who renewed during our recent membership drive.
We wish to welcome our newest members:
Grace and Michael Carley
Kay Clark
Rhonda and Paul Criscuolo
Tom Failla
Barbara Ford
Ray Rauth