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But only now does there appear to be interest in the community for reliving protests for American women's suffrage.  Did your grandmother or great-grandmother
march for the right to vote?

Remember Betty Hill?

LWV of Weston dedicates its Annual Meeting luncheon to Betty Hill.  Here are links to our video reports on the three most recent events:


P R O G R A M    P L A N N I N G

It all starts here.

Many wonder how the League of Women Voters works.  Why does League differ from other organizations?

Because it follows or shadows government.  At three levels - local (sometimes regional) state and national.  In that order.

Study is required before taking action. 

Which is where "program planning" comes into play.  For example, on a local level, League can take action on its positions.

If Program Planning recommends to Annual Meeting that focus should be given to action on all or part of a local position, and Annual Meeting approves this, the
next year will be taken up with such activities as - "Forum on Demand" to Observer Corp reports to informational meetings to ACTION.  Including letters to the
editor and other means of outreach.



How did it go?  Excellent choice for 2015 - introduced by LWV of Weston with information and
background;  nice crowd including probably 4 generations of Weston women plus three men!  Middle
School to middle age to those of us even older!  Moderated for Q&A and discussion by Youth Seervices
Director;   hosted by Weston's Librarian and a few of her Boards and Friends...

From the Sundance Film Festival,  the Athena Film Festival at Barnard College...
And now, right here at Weston Library on Sunday afternoon at 2pm on March 15th!!!

League Co-Sponsored Event!  For Women's History Month 2015...
Our co-sponsors, the Library Trustees and the Friends of the Library as well as Weston Youth Services,
invite Westonites including individuals, parents and students grades 6 and up to see and discuss this film,
MISS Representation

We are on a mission to expose a new generation of Westonites to the excellent lessons that can be learned from League...

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of
major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

- LWVUS "Mission Statement"

Pat Heifetz, center, is congratulated by fellow League of Women Voters of Weston members Terry Hulley, Ann Malin, Helen deKeijzer, Lucy Bowden, Laura Smits, Paula Savignol, Judith Freedman, Barbara
Rowland, and Lois Guberman.  Ms. Heifetz was given a 50-Year Award for appreciation of many years of support and dedication to the mission of the League of Women Voters by the state league council.
Photo in Weston FORUM, Saturday 19 June 2010

T H E   W E S T O N    L E A G U E    S T E E R I N G   C O M M I T T E E   
LWV of Weston, CT continues functioning without naming Officers or electing or appointing members to Board Portfolios, 2008-2009.

League of Women Voters of Weston, CT most recent SPEAK UP programs...this annual, unique to Weston LWV event began in 1992.
Speak Up 2017:
Speak Up 2016:
Speak Up 2015:
"SPEAK UP 2014"
"SPEAK UP 2013"
"SPEAK UP 2012"
"SPEAK UP 2011"
"SPEAK UP 2010".

SPEAK UP 2009"had a big impact - discussion generated about the economy gave rise to community unanimity to keep a zero increase budget!

Missed the previous one?  Watch 2008
"Speak Up"!

At the first Speak Up in 1992 there were some very basic questions asked - one, from a young Westonite:  "What does the First Selectman do?"  And another:  "What if the
Samuel Senior Dam gives way?"  Still good questions!!!