Mission Statement for 2012 Legal Review Committee a bit different...not just present Town Attorney to be reviewed, but all legal opinion plus court
and other action.


New Commission Appointed at Selectmen's Meeting on June 21, 2012:
Jeff Eglash;  Howard Aibel; 
Maryanne Bolella; Kevin Korsh; Angeles T. Rodriguez

Weston FORUM), and includes only matters which were concluded during this period;  and complete this review June 30, 2008.

League monitor to be at Board of Selectmen June 19, 2008 to particularly listen for this item:

"Discussion about the proposed conclusions and recommendations from the Legal Review Committee- Legal Review Committee-Dennis Tracey" and the main
points were, as League Monitor heard it:

Commissions; review and control of billing;  on the town side, any other legal or consulting help that may run $10,000 should be reviewed by Town Attorney; 

Town Att'y should read minutes of boards and commissions to keep up with issues.


After legal review: 'Verdict' favorable for town attorneys      
Weston FORUM
Written by Patricia Gay   
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 11:44

The town of Weston is being well served by its legal counsel — G. Kenneth Bernhard and Patricia Sullivan, attorneys with Cohen and Wolf.

That is what Dennis Tracey, chairman of the Select Committee on Legal Review, reported to the Board of Selectmen on Thursday, June 19.  Winding up a six-month study
and investigation, the committee gave its findings verbally to the board and said a written report would follow shortly.

In January, First Selectman Woody Bliss and Selectman Gayle Weinstein appointed the seven-member ad-hoc committee to review the performance of the town’s legal
counsel, and make a recommendation as to whether the town should solicit proposals from other law firms.

Over the course of the next six months, the committee reviewed extensive documentation, cases, contracts, bills and billing statements, and information from towns
comparable to Weston. It also interviewed 20 witnesses, and received written input from the public and through testimony at a public hearing.

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Legal review public hearing:  Panel hears debate about Weston's town counsel

Weston FORUM
by Patricia Gay
Apr 2, 2008

There was some support but also some criticism leveled at town counsel during a public hearing held by the Select Committee on Legal Review, Thursday, March 27. 
The committee is charged with analyzing the performance of the town’s law firm, Cohen and Wolf, which includes town counsel Ken Bernhard and assistant town counsel
Patricia Sullivan. 
As part of its review process, the committee solicited public input.

Several weeks ago, it asked for written statements from Westonites. On Thursday, members of the public were given a chance to verbally express their concerns, offer
support, or ask questions. 
The hearing was presided over by the seven-member committee and its chairman, Dennis Tracey.  Each speaker was allowed to have the floor
for 10 minutes to bring forward issues or make comments concerning
town counsel.

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Weston's Legal Review Committee: Public hearing is set for March 27

by Patricia Gay
Mar 20, 2008

The Select Committee on Legal Review is holding a public hearing Thursday, March 27, in an attempt to obtain information and input from town residents.

The public hearing is being held to help the committee with its mission to offer an opinion on the quality of the town’s legal counsel, Cohen and Wolf. The committee is
also charged with determining whether an alternate
arrangement might be in the best interest of the town.

To that end, the committee is reviewing a number of the town’s legal cases. It is also interviewing town officials and commission members about the performance of town
attorney Ken Bernhard and associate counsel Patricia

The committee would like to hear from the public, said its chairman, Dennis Tracey. He said he has received a number of written submissions so far from members of the
public, which have been helpful to the committee in its

“To be sure that we have as much information as possible, we encourage any Weston resident who has information concerning the mission of the committee to attend the
public hearing,” Mr. Tracey said.

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Select Committee on Legal Review:  Weston group seeks public input

Weston Forum
Feb 16, 2008

As part of its review of the legal services supplied to the town of Weston by its town attorney, Cohen & Wolf, the Select Committee on Legal Review invites members of
the public to submit written comments regarding the quality
of those services and/or the fee arrangements with the town attorney.

The scope of the select committee’s review includes the period from 2000 through 2007, and includes only matters which were concluded during this period.

Any resident of Weston who wishes to submit comments or information relevant to the committee’s review should send it no later than March 12, 2008, by e-mail to, or by letter to Judy DeVito, Town Hall,
56 Norfield Road,  Weston CT 06883.